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Residential Wind Power- Pika Energy
 Midwest Wind and Solar is proud to be an Authorized and Factory Trained installer of the following residential wind turbines:
 Pika Energy- 1.8 kW (also supports add-on solar)
 Bergey WindPower- 6 kW & 10 kW Grid Tie, 1 kW & 7.5 kW Off Grid


Pika has developed the high-performance T701 Home Wind Turbine to deliver you serious power at a substantial savings. You get online system monitoring, best-in-class safety, and the flexibility to expand your clean energy system in the future. Pika is dedicated to designing clean energy technology that makes financial sense for any household, school, business, or farm with a good wind resource. Pika’s wind energy system consists of two components:  the T701 home wind turbine and X3001 inverter. The inverter ships with built-in WiFi as a standard feature, and includes online monitoring.  A third component, PV Link™, enables owners to add solar panels to their wind energy system.

Home Wind Turbine 

The T701 Wind Turbine is the world’s most intelligent, high performance small wind turbine. The T701 connects to Pika’s universal inverter through the REbus™ DC Microgrid. Pika’s T701 grid-tied wind turbine is available in a 1.8 kW-rated, 3-meter diameter.

General Features

  • High-performance aerodynamic blade
  • Quiet, efficient alternator
  • Safety brake that engages in case of a fault in the primary control

Download T701 datasheet
Download Pika system overview datasheet

Grid-Tie Inverter

Pika’s X3001 Inverter combines high performance and unmatched flexibility.  The inverter connects to the T701 wind turbine at ground level through the REbus™ DC Microgrid.  This enables users to expand their systems with another turbine or solar panels.  Pika’s UL 1741-listed X3001 inverter is available in a 3.0 kW size.

General Features

  • Connects both wind and solar energy sources to the grid
  • REbus eliminates the input stage, making the inverter smaller and more efficient
  • Standard WiFi connection; includes online system monitoring of each device on network

Download X3001 datasheet



Solar Add-On – PV Link™ 

Pika’s S2001 PV Link performs Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and connects sub-arrays of solar panels to the X3001 inverter through the REbus™ DC Microgrid. The PV Link approach combines the energy capture benefits of distributed MPPT with the cost and efficiency benefits of a centralized inverter. PV Link can be used together with Pika’s T701 turbine to build efficient hybrid wind-solar energy systems.

General Features

  • Connects a solar array to Pika’s wind energy system
  • Distributes MPPT function at the sub-array level, reducing shading loss
  • Online system monitoring of PV sub-array

Download S2001 datasheet


Pika Econotower™

Pika’s Econotower helps bring the power of the wind closer to home by making turbine installations easier and more affordable than ever. By using locally sourced tubular steel, the Pika Econotower eliminates the high cost associated with shipping large tower components.

General Features

  • Available in 63-foot and 42-foot sizes
  • Econotower kit includes all guy wires, couplings and hardware
  • Source Schedule 40 2.5″ male threaded pipe locally

Download Econotower datasheet


 Pika Energy provides a perfect economical solution for reducing your dependence on energy from the traditional energy grid.  Imagine being able to produce power right on your own property while reducing greenhouse emissions, saving money against ever rising utility rates, and knowing that you have the comfort of independence.  Call us toll free at 1-866-430-0518 or CLICK HERE to request additional information today.



Additional Information
and Facts

  • We suggest that you own at least 2 acres or more before you consider wind as an option.
  • Tower height is critical to good production. Towers will be at a minimum of 60' and taller.
  • Urban and heavily populated areas are not good sites for wind.
  • Wondering if wind is right for you? Click HERE for our free no obligation remote site survey.



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