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Commercial Solar Electric

How can my company get solar?

1. Contact us for an initial remote evaluation
Contact us with some basic information about your building and energy consumption. Your average monthly energy bill and usage will allow us to give you a general idea about the optimum solar power system size and cost. To make the most of your telephone consultation, be ready to provide your energy usage and energy cost information for 12 consecutive months. You can obtain these by calling your utility company or by looking through your bills for the previous months. The information is often available in your online utility account as well. Call us toll free at 866-430-0518 for immediate assistance or fill out the Request for Estimate form and we will contact you shortly.

2. Site Evaluation
We will schedule a free site evaluation, which usually takes one to two hours. During this visit a Midwest Wind and Solar Design Consultant will collect site information in order to generate a proposal for your solar power system.

3. System Design and Proposal
Midwest Wind and Solar will develop a custom proposal for your building. This will include your system design, its total cost and the full amount of applicable rebate and tax credits. Proposals will also include projected future electrical usage,cash flow and payback calculations.

4. Sign Agreement
After you sign an agreement with Midwest Wind and Solar for the design and installation of a solar power system, we will handle all the steps of the project from concept through completion. This will include all necessary permitting, construction, inspections, utility interconnections and rebate collections.

5. System Installation
Installation can start a few weeks after a contract has been signed. During that time we will assign a project manager who will conduct another detailed site evaluation. Additionally, we will generate single-line engineering drawings and secure all necessary permits and equipment. Commercial installation time takes from one to eight weeks or more, depending on the system size and complexity.

6. Inspections
After the installation is complete, representatives from your city or municipality and your utility company will inspect your solar power system. Midwest Wind and Solar will schedule and attend all inspections - your presence is not required. Once all necessary inspections are complete we will turn on your solar power system.

Additional Information
and Facts

  • Did you know that the first solar panel was invented by Bell Labs in 1954 and is still producing energy today?  59 years later!
  • Example solar installations can be seen HERE.
  • Wondering if solar is right for you?  Ask for our FREE no obligation remote site survey HERE.



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